I-google/hotmail help please

    Not being lazy, I have actually looked but, well Im not the most technically minded person so could do with some help please. Ive set i-google as my homepage (it was hotmail) and managed to put hotmail on a seperate tab but the format is horrendous and even if it wasnt I cant maximise it so does anyone know how I can just have hotmail as is but on my I-google homepage. Does that make ANY sense at all. Thanks.


    Can't you just use IE 7/8 and have 2 homepages.

    Just go to Tools>Internet options and type [url]www.igoogle[/url] address then below on a separate line then when you open IE both pages will load and you can tab between them in their native format

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    Thanks for that but i use Mozilla Firefox.:thumbsup:
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