I got a msi wind u100 AKA advent 4211v, is there a custom made dock to add an external DVD

Found 24th Apr 2010
thought of using it as a dvd player in the car (as it has the battery on it) so when i turn the ignition off, it will continue playing.

just wondered if there was a dvd dock so it can fit under the netbook as opposed to next to it.
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I've got one of these scan.co.uk/Pro…uct

2.5 hd plugs in the side as well. It's powererd from psu so you would also need to power in car from 12v or step down depending on power requirements

Also fairusewizard.com/lan…en/ it's free and straight forward to use

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the difference between the Light … Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the difference between the Light Edition and the Full Edition of FairUse Wizard ?Light Edition has the folowing limitations : - no iPod Video encoding - encoding target file size limited to 700 MB - no range selection - no quality based encodingFurthermore, the full edition is optimised to fully exploit Dual-Core, SMP, and Hyper-Threading CPU architectures, resulting in much faster(1) encoding and has an auto-update feature not available in the light edition.

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