I got a PS3 my son just push a 1 inch diameter disc into it, HELP

    I found a few guides on you tube on how to take apart ps3 but some have people saying the video maker missed a few steps plus I dont even know if I take the PS3 apart if I can get into the dvd drive ?
    Thanks in advance




    No, What did he do?

    Call the local childrens home....he is gonna have to go...LOL

    mini horses are the answer to your problem, its the next big thing, put all your PS3's away and enjoy a mini horse :…L-w

    I have gotten a game out of a PS3 drive before, but can't remember if it comes apart.
    I have a PS3 in bits here, but the only thing missing is the drive that I donated to a friend.

    Look on youtube for "getting a disc out of a PS3".


    I dont think its a disc i think its something the size of a pound coin ;-)

    I know, it's not a game, but you're unlikely to get many hits if you be that specific, the principle is the same.


    Got It Out !!!

    It might help if you stated "how".


    It might help if you stated "how".

    It was the mini horse link I posted early on in the thread, I knew it would work :-D



    so is it possible to put the fabric back? otherwise a lot of dust will be getting inside.

    Have you tried a disc in it yet, working ok?
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