I got an Intel quad core with ATI Sapphire Radeon HD4650 1GB Graphics Card, What shall I play

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Found 9th Dec 2009
I havent got a gamepad, well i have but i cant find it at the moment.
Anyway I have played half life 2 and portal, just wondering if there is a game out there to really see if my machine can handle it.


minesweeper :whistling:


Should be fun lol

Test the system to its max by having a game of FreeCell


can GTA4 run ok without a game pad?

Yeah for sure, better on the keyboard if you ask me lol



Well the graphics card is ropey to say the least

crysis on high separates then men from the boys.

try redtube out lol


can GTA4 run ok without a game pad?

Only poor ports require a gamepad, most PC games expect and run best on a keyboard and mouse.

Crysis is the current game that everyone wants to be able to say they can run. Even high level cards have trouble running it at top settings and your entry level card won't stand a chance but you should still be able to get it running on a lower and almost as pretty setting. Pick up Crysis Warhead instead of the original Crysis, it's apparently a better game but uses the same engine and graphics.

If you're looking for beautiful games then Fallout 3 is worth picking up as that's got some great scenery. As is X3: Terran Conflict.

Apart from that It hasn't really been a year for beautiful games, a lot of the best games this year like Dragon Age and Men of War haven't been much to look at.

Oh, there's always whatever Call of Duty games came out this year if you're not one of those who's given up on the series or is waiting for a better value pack.


cheers all

np, did redtube go well? :whistling:
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