i got my vista upgrade!

    i think i must be one of the lucky few who finally gets it after 6 months! i quite like vista, seen it on other computers, so i had a few questions before going on and upgrading my laptop.

    1. will i lose any files or programs?

    2. is there much of a difference between 32bit and 64bit (i have the 32bit version).

    3. anything else i should know?


    I'm not that familiar with Vista but i'd imagine you'll have to format your drive before installing Vista, So you will lose all your files and Apps.

    64bit is for 64bit Processors, There aren't that many programs or drives compatible with 64 bit though so its more hassle (Your better off with 32 bit).

    You will have the option to upgrade and will not lose all your files.

    Back them up first though just to be sure.

    You may find some programs may not work on vista. Have you checked these out.

    Original Poster

    i have two drives, one which i think is used for backup purposes, i am unsure, it contains a load of files that are not to be tampered with.
    i do have a 250gb external hardrive i could store any important data on, but i'd rather keep ALL of it..

    You can actually do a clean install without formatting, and keep your old xp on it under a file called windows.old in your C drive. This wont open as xp anymore, but all your files will be in there, ready for you to copy over, then possibly delete the xp file

    I just installed Viast on my laptop, Iv been playin around with it for a few hours now - and Im not too impressed. My go back to XP Pro.


    Like the others say:

    1. No you shouldn't loose any files, but always make a backup first, just in-case, also backup your email settings and address book if needed.

    2. Yes and No, but you need a 64bit processor for 64bit software, then there are some compatabilitly issues.

    3. Check that your hardware/software is going to work with Vista, such as graphics card, audio, printer, scanner, broadband modems, some software etc.

    You can do a fresh install leaving XP on the system, an upgrade that will replace XP, or format the whole thing and just have Vista, after you have backed up you data.

    Personally I would dual boot, if you have the hard drive space, then you have the best of both worlds, but I think vista needs a service pack before it is just more than eye-candy

    Good luck

    Which version of vista?

    I'm still waiting for mine...

    Been waiting for donkeys.

    Original Poster

    i only have 160gb total, 142gb on one hardrive, the rest on the other.

    browni, i gave up hope, till yesterday i received a cheap jiffy bag with 2nd class printed on it.... i swear i paid £11 for delivery??? maybe more? anyway.

    im going to contact my gateway and ask how i should do it, they'll know best.

    reading through all their faqs, i think a clean install might be easier to handle. a bit annoyed i'll have to re-install all my programs, but mind you i don't have too many (thought i do have a few usefull GAOTD programs which i would have wanted to keep)

    does anyone know any good fast way of transfering most files to my external hardrive? also, for afterwards, a good way to keep my ext hdd in synch with my internal hdd?

    Best thing when transferring to external drive, do it a folder at a time (ball ache I know, but it is better in the long run).

    Mass transferring sometimes corrupts files which you won't know about until coming to re-use them.

    I've been sitting on Vista upgrade for over a month now.

    I'm waiting for some other people to try it first, before I install mine.

    Apparently it's a right bitch to get of if you decide to go back to XP

    It isnt really joe - if you have your xp installation disc - you go to your bios and set to boot dvd drive first then just run the xp disc
    and it'll overwrite vista.

    I'm on vista now, have been for about two months, and i love it [home premium]


    Personally I would dual boot, if you have the hard drive space, then you … Personally I would dual boot, if you have the hard drive space, then you have the best of both worlds,

    I don't think you can do this as a) it's OEM (and they tend to insist that it is the one and only O/S installed on that PC) and b) the vista upgrade invalidates the previous version of XP.

    I bought my DELL with the VISTA upgrade option about 6mths ago.

    Should I upgrade it now?

    Your be put xp back very soon m8
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