I got over 2000 SPAM Emails in the past week!

    Where would we be without spam filters eh?!
    Not a problem really as i just block and delete them all but....

    I dont want to buy Swiss branded watches..
    I have no need for personalised business cards..
    I dont need viagra (or its cheaper equivelants) at this stage of my life...
    I dont want to buy fine fragrances at 40% discount on (extra inflated) RRP...
    And i dont need double girth or quadruple length (thanks but not required!)

    where do they all come from?


    Nice smelling watch salesmen with major sexual inadequacies.


    I'm bad!!!!!! don't think I can rescue this thread tho':oops:

    Is it not past your bedtime? :-D:p


    very, going soon, I was just walking on the wlld side of misc, not … very, going soon, I was just walking on the wlld side of misc, not missing much am I?

    Nah, misc is pretty poor these days.... :x

    According to some statistics, which could obviously be completely inaccurate, spam accounts for 90+% of email traffic.

    One wonders how many ****** tablets they've sold...

    edit: I understand why the word I typed is censored, very sensible, but for clarity's sake let me just say it's an anagram of silaiC, I'd go as far to say it's like that word backwards!

    I use ]Mailwasher to solve this problem
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