i got paper work for my new car paying 216 a month signed it and sent it back i then did it again when i picked the car up but then they said its wrong and i had to pay 312 a month indtead- should thet have to stick to the origanal 216 i signed

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Found 10th May
Trouble when signing my finance deal for my car


It would be safe to assume you have a copy of original agreement. Unless you know it is an obvious error then you should refuse to pay the additional amount.
They should have given you the option before arranging to collect car to either pay the increased amount or cancel . Look at other companies online to see what the going rate is. If you are happy to pay the extra then pay it otherwise refuse to accept car as they are in breach of contract

Contact your local trading standards. They will help/ give you advice. I would say if you have signed and they have then that's the price you pay.

How much did you agree to pay before the paperwork came? £312 or 216?

you pay what's on the paperwork you've signed but I guess there's probably a clause saying they can refuse to provide you the car as I guess you've not made any payments

The law of contract is: offer , acceptance and consideration. Pay them the £216 and keep proof you have sent it. .
If they have made a mistake then that is their hard luck.
Go to the CAB ( for free ) or a solicitor ( agree a fee before hand ) and get them to write a letter on your behalf.

Once your contract has been agreed and signed, then the written contract cannot be amended with a verbal one in any case whatsoever. Even if they threaten to take you to court, then the court would find in your favour. Simple as that!
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