I got THREE Freebies today!!!

Found 7th Jan 2005
Wow, having been thinking lately that very few of these freebies I've sent for have actually turned up - got three today!

Decent ones too - Free vitamins from Bionta, Free magnet (tiny, but I'm sure adequate) and a music CD I don't even remember sending for! It's from Music for 2 and is on at the moment - so far it's a lovely CD.

I like when the postie brings me surprises like that! :lol:

- acecatcher3
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I had my latest feebie on christmas eve, 5 witch face wipes they were really good went out and bought a full size pack!
dontcha just luv freebies

i got the same cd as you today m223, a darius slipcase :shock: which i will sell on ebay lol :lol: and some stickers - yay!

then i went to tesco and bought 2 copies of "nuts" magazine and so got 2 vouchers for free breakfasts at walkabout!
Got two freebies today, a low cal diet bar and some recipe cards and vouchers.
Hey, didn't we all do well

Slinks, glad you can at least get some free breakfasts, if not the wine freebie! :lol:

I'm keeping my CD - I like it
We did do well I got three today too.

The Darius slipcase [probably be on eBay someday :)] - A calendar from Rosenborg + a calendar mousemat from Meyertech.

Wonder if I'll get that CD :roll: but I don't think I applied for one :roll:
Two freebies again today. Tickets for Ray and info pack on the Chilterns
Got another four more freebies today.

Slimfast banana flavoured bar [yet to try]

Stamp calendar from the Royal Mail [more of a catalogue than calendar to use in general]

Five fruit bars from Lyme Regis foods - yet to try these organic sweet type thingy's + a nice letter from them also to say sorry for the late delivery - great consumer + customer service relations. Oh also contains a short survey with freepost envelope. I'll definitely fill that out + send it back. Cool company I reckon!

Also received the "Beat The Bully's Blue Wristband"


Got 2 more freebies today. The free vitamins, which came in a massive … Got 2 more freebies today. The free vitamins, which came in a massive cardboard box, and the MetOffice calendar that you stick on the window - very nice

Thats what I had arrive too. nearly forgot, I had that 'chew on this' dvd too
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