I had a freak accident slicing my ulnar nerve in two and the muscle, is there any help i could get?

    my arm is going to be out of action for the next year also the doctor told me that i would never get full functionality back, losing dexterity and feeling.

    i just wondered what help i would be able to get travelling to appointments for physio etc etc


    You will find some references jn this web page
    Help with health costs
    Basically, all comes down to your income and savings.
    You might also want to check how your accident impacts on your benefits/income and hopefully a call on the Citizens Advice can point you in the right direction. (You may possibly be eligible for PIP if even only for a relevant short period) Some areas of the country operate a Community Transport facility, dial-a-ride type thing, or LINK which you could look into.
    And if this was a workplace accident or somebody else was even partially to blame you need some help with that.Best of luck.

    Check out your local area patient transport service . If your mobility and ability to travel is hampered , they may be able to help
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