I had to watch the Time Travellers Wife !!!!!!!

Found 15th Aug 2009
I have just got back after being made to watch the film above at the cinema and it was bad!!!! Sympathy from all Lads required
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Oh No!! God help us all!!

Gotta establish a "No Chick Flick policy" . Next she will be taking you to see "My Sister's Keeper".

Rom-Coms are a maybe but that stuff is a no go area. Don't need to be cruel. Just explain that she doesn't expect you to watch that nonsense and you won't take her to Star Trek, Terminator type movies.

I'm married 3 years and my wife knows that there is NO WAY ON EARTH that i will watch that mince but that i love her deeply.
I take it you were forced by a female? Did she like it?

The book is one of my favourite ever, dreading the film, just know it will be a let down lol
my missus wants to see it but she can go with my daughter-wild horses wouldnt drag me to this-brownie points to you for going tho. women like a man who isnt afraid to cry:whistling:
o lawd, i feel for you m8
Dunno mate mmmm i had to go to opening night of Sex in the City! It was after work to! it was the worst day of my life work then watching that tripe in a packed cinema i was probably 1 of 6 other guys that night in there!
i was forced to go last night as well.....terrible. Have some rep as consolation :-D
Some guys are so narrow minded and lacking in self-confidence/their own masculinity that they actively avoid emotional films.

Luckily there are women out there with low standards:thumbsup:
Thing is, McAdams is quite a tasty lass. Would provide some entertainment for me if I had to go and see it.
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