I hate it when people say "Obviously" before saying 1 or 2 words....

Found 20th Jan 2010
I find it very annoying when people start a sentence with the word obvioulsy, I normally reply by saying, actually its not obvious if it was we wouldnt be having this conversation. This really winds me up...
Was just trying to help someone at work and she goes "Well obviously......."
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obviously this thread is a rant thread
well obviously it was obvious to her:-D
obviously it is
You wouldnt like one of Mark Hughes after-game interviews then
Obviously this is not the sort of thread i would ordinarily participate in, but i just couldnt resist a little bit of annoyance :whistling:
OP, you're just oblivious to the obvious.
Obviously i agree :thumbsup:
You people obviously know what your obviously on about:-D with your obvious replies!:p
well basically....
you were probably getting paid@work [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Obviously[/COLOR]
so whats the problem
well obviously you'd be annoyed :whistling:
at the end of the day....

at the end of the day....

Thats worse imo :giggle:
if i were you and if you were me:p
There's lots and lots for us to see, me and you, you and me......

(where the hell did I get that from?)
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You all seem to be having a laugh about this.....obviously .
Not a patch on -
'I'm not trying to be nasty but .....'

Not a patch on - 'I'm not trying to be nasty but .....'

I knew a bitch at my old job used to say that all the time. Slagged everyone off.

She's huge now, fat cow :giggle:
its swings and roundabouts obviously

well obviously it was obvious to her:-D

Well obviously.
black gerbil1;7604559

well basically....

Yeah, well they have to say that to you. It's because they have to make it basic for you to understand.

its not you its me ..............

its not you its me ..............

Never had that one...........:whistling:
Look, stop it! I've got a headache.....
Life is like a box of chocolates... Obviously
Actually, .......

translates as

You're wrong!
Everyone has their phases...
- Basically
- Obviously
- Ok
- Actually
- Fair play
- like
- Yeah but
- You know

Funny as when you pick up on someone over using a word. Just listen to them for a couple of minute and count the amount of time they say it. Did this at a conference once, the speaker said "ok" over 100 times in just over 2 minutes.
How about people who come on forums and say 'Hi i'm new here....' and the forum shows a post count :lol:
With the greatest respect,....... is usually followed by a huge insult.;-)

With the greatest respect,....... is usually followed by a huge insult.;-)

to be fair......

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