I hate new year's eve!

    as the title suggests, do any of you feel the same?



    yeah i dont really care.

    yep.... just the end of one sh***y year and the start of another....

    I didn't use to but since loosing my mum last year I don't look forward to seeing out the old and in with the new. I will stay in and have a few drinks but won't be partying or anything. Mind you I don't like going out much on New years eve as everywhere is so packed. Can't stand it. I'll stay in and watch the same old pap on tv.

    I do. Stupid new years eve. It's too expensive and too busy and there's nowhere good around here to go.

    Original Poster

    charging people over the top prices to get in to your local pub, **** telly, people who you dont even know wishing you all the best. that bloody song where you have to link arms ect.

    I hate it! Over hyped pish!

    Yeah I hate it too. Everyone gets hideously drunk and feels the need to embrace you at regular intervals throughout the night.
    New Year's Day is a farce aswell, same old people making the same old resolutions that they will NEVER keep!!

    I love New Years Eve.:)

    FOR AULD LANG SYNE MY DEAR!! shut up!! then ill take the high road and you'll take the low road and ill be in SCOTLAND before ye!! thats the song that have been played every new year party ive been to and its annoying!

    ya bunch of miserable gits :roll:

    It's a non event for me, I'm not going out; I'm currently scouring around for some decent speakers for my lap top and I could be doing that on any day of the year

    I'm not normally botherd at all...but i'm looking forward to this one............:-D

    shurrupp nikki...I'm blushing now! lol

    Never liked it , rarely enjoyed it , and its the night my neighbours have karaoke parties till 6am with 3 songs on a loop aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrtgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh


    Just cos your in lurve !!!


    new year is what ya make it,
    whether ya staying in or going out, even if ya on your own, do what ya like and enjoy tonight

    I hate New Year Eve as well, im normally in bed for 12 lol


    Early night for me then :oops:

    :-D .....see, ya dirty mare


    Reported...owlass' account has obviously been hacked....too much … Reported...owlass' account has obviously been hacked....too much niceness....:p

    la la la i'm not listening to you :santa:

    I say every year I`m going to bed on hogmany. Gets to 10pm an I start to feel guilty:? So then go make all the snacks n stuff and get the glad rags on:p Why oh why do I do it!!!!!!:roll: Hope everyone has a nice time anyway no matter what they decide to do.:-D


    :lol: ya not listening cos your too busy leaving me luv rep.....:lol:

    :w00t: ...ya litte liar


    I know, its ever since he met this skinny chef one - lets hope she … I know, its ever since he met this skinny chef one - lets hope she lasts!!!

    ya missed out flexible :-D


    :lol: I am not......:-D

    you are! ..........

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