I hate Telewest

    After being with telewest for over a year i did what many people have done and called up to cancel and say that i have seen a better offer.

    I managed to get my manthly payment down to £26 and upped my broadband speed from 512kbps to 4mbps whilst keeping the same call and tv packages.

    This package should have cost around £40 and low and behold when my first bill came through it was £40-ish. I left it a month as this happened before and the realised they have been charging too much however my next bill was again at £40.

    So today i gave them a call and they are denying that we were offered this deal. I said that i wasn't happy and wouldn't have continued at this price and that i would be leaving and they said "well that's your choice". So it is basically our word against theirs.

    Any suggestions of what i can do?



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    i cancelled mine in november and changed to bt. i asked for a final bill so that i could settle my account but they just sent me an ordinary bill and are trying to collect advance rental for jan/feb good job i have cancelled direct debit, and i am still waiting for a final bill. i got a far better deal with bt .
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