I have £2 in my paypal account what shall i spend it on??

    anyone got any ideas?


    yeah... donate them to me!! :-D

    a rubber duck?

    Put something on Ebay, and try and build it up to 50 quid.


    Add £48 to it from your current account and then withdraw it.

    what can you only withdraw minmum £50?



    what can you only withdraw minmum £50?

    Without charges, yes.

    have you looked on Ebay-its the seller that cops for the fees-so you'd get your moneys worth !

    Original Poster

    Paddy Charlie;4426354

    Something from deal extreme $2 … Something from deal extreme $2 gadgets

    that was a good idea but couldnt find anything


    Without charges, yes.

    :thumbsup: Thanks never knew that (but I rarely use paypal)

    ah sucks..wish i had a few quid kicking around in my paypal-i like trawling through loads stuff till i find something i can just impluse buy!bough a new keyboard for my lappy couple of weeks ago cos i had sum spare cash and forgot bout it but it arrived today...well pleased!!



    Me Please!
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