I Have £35 to spend on amazon vouchers!

Hi i have £35 to spend on amazon i dont know what to do?!

shall i get xbox 360 live 12 months?

brian lara 360?

a wireless adapter for my laptop

or what please help?!


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That's like saying "i'm going to tesco later, what shall i buy?" Its up to you mate lol what do you want

send me a £35 gift voucher, lol!

Don't buy anything instead just send me the amazon voucher that gets sent to you after asking amazon for one, and I'll help to choose lots of nice goodies...:giggle:

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lol@ u all!

yeh i know but thing is i have £25 in game card rewards too and £140 but boots only do cosmetics so thats y!

Can you add cash to these vouchers? Can they be used by anyone or just you?
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