I have a £25 Seatwave voucher that needs to be used today! First come first served!

    I have a Seatwave £25 gift voucher that I got free ages ago. It needs to be used by the end of today.

    The code is TOZOSAEE

    It is a simple gift voucher that will give you £25 off anything. No minimum spend or anything like that.

    First person to use it gets it. Sorry if it says the voucher has expired or is invalid, just means someone beat you to it.

    All I ask is that whoever uses it posts what they bought (I'm just curious!)

    Now, on your marks, get set.............GO!!!!!



    used thx

    Original Poster

    Course you have. Not physically possible within 10 seconds after I posted it!
    Edited by: "Ian182" 31st Dec 2010


    Are you calling me a fibber oO

    Original Poster




    Original Poster

    It's still available for whoever wants it!

    who used the code

    probably used by a guest that's never been on this site before

    Probably not even got the decency to thank ian182

    right I've got one from the free give away thing earlier in the year and like the one above I'm assuming it has to be used today so first person who has been here for more than a year to pm me gets it.

    no pm's so here it is people. FHZNYDYR
    Edited by: "ants97" 31st Dec 2010

    not valid


    not valid

    some lurker has used it then. Don't say thanks you ungrateful sod!
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