I have a couple of questions i need help with please :)

    Firstly, a friend of mine has made some personalised canvases for my kids. I was just wondering if there is anything i can buy to protect them like a spray or something so they don't discolour or incase the kids get anything on them as i don't want them getting ruined.

    Also i have a few ds that are all broke at the hinge, a couple practically in half. I have 3 old style ds and one lite. Can i get these repaired as i'm sick of having to get a new one everytime and still have these broken ones lying around. If they can be fixed, how much does it usually cost and where do i send them? I am in Manchester.

    Thanks in advance for any help.xx



    Regarding the canvases you can get them framed as we looked into it, however it can be costly and if your wanting the look of a canvas you are going to loose that. In the end we decided to just put them up, we still have the pics that we used for our canvases and as they were very reasonably priced we thought that we would just replace if they got damaged. After time they do tend to fade especially by the light or sun.

    Regarding canvases you can get spray on stuff but I can't remember its name. You would be best going into an arts and painting shop and asking them. A quick google *hint* and it is called UV-Resistant Acrylic Coating. It is a clear spray on barrier almost like varnish over wood and will seal the painting in but speak to a shop and tell them what you want to seal. Might need certain stuff for certain paints etc.

    The DS's can have replacement cases you can get them on Ebay relatively cheap although they are a little fiddly to do. I had to do one when I knocked my girlfriends NDS off a table and it smashed. Make sure you get a kit that includes the tools though s Nintendo use a weird 3 way screw driver.
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