I have a funny feeling...... what do you think?

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Found 9th Nov 2010
I have a very funny feeling that........

1 - We will start to see lots of Playstation points cards and Xbox Live points and Memberships for sale on here from today.

2 - We will see lots and lots of Call of Duty Black Ops for sale too for over the prices paid to cash in.

What do you all think?

By the way I picked up 100 copies of Call of Duty Black Ops selling for £500 each, anyone want one? Just being friendly thought I would get a few for my friends on HUKD. - Joke by the way ops!


well,with the points cards/xbox live etc-if its being offered at a bargain price then fair enough. Not sure why anyone would be buying a copy of the game from anyone tbh unless is stupidly cheap-can still go and buy it yourself from tesco/bestbuy etc -should think most serious gamers have it already,or have it in transit.

lol your basing this on the offer people going to buy black ops with psn/xbox live points init, well obv people going to try get rid of them, not sure with no.2 tho. But i think black ops price will crash in 2 weeks?


Another COD thread... really?!?

Funny feeling there will be a LOAD of vouchers for sale after Xmas when everyone sells their presents :-D

funny feeling their will be loads of cheap black ops on the market soon, multiplayer is terrible on ps3. plays and looks more like quantam of solace than cod. Well done treyarch for taking a great game engine and making it run like a robin reliant!

For those that know better, its a Reliant Robin.

Keep the £20 PSN card to use for new maps when they are released (prob easter time) :-)


Keep the £20 PSN card to use for new maps when they are released (prob … Keep the £20 PSN card to use for new maps when they are released (prob easter time) :-)

Probs sooner than that they are more than likely already made. / raven supposedly have been working on them since may 2010
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