i have a google g1 AKA HTC dream phone Android phone, thinking of upgrading to another Android OS phone.

    I really like the slide out keyboard on this phone so would ideally like one with a keyboard (not on screen) please.
    Thanks in advance


    Motorola Droid would be your best bet.

    Very very well equipped - very good features. I would have got this if I didn't already buy the Nokia N900 (which is also another excellent phone).


    Any idea where i can get one?

    Not released in the UK/EU yet. N900 is about to be released hopefully within the next week.

    Its a very very tough choice, the droid is very thin, and very sleek, N900 comes packed with features and it's as close to desktop internet as you can get - currently the best mobile browser yet, defeating the iPhones Safari by miles.

    And then theres the Sony Ericsson X10, very good hardware, running android, massive screen, nice looking and most likely an excellent camera given that its a SE (you would think!).

    For me the N900 becasse it's very close to Linux as you can get on a mobile device, it's got almost the full Linux OS running on it - so you can actually DO useful stuff on it (unlike the gimicky iPhone).

    Android (Droid/X10) does have close Linux ties, but it's quite a cut down version of Linux.

    N900 mate, you won't be disappointed.

    Motorola Droid or Motorola Dext
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