i have a laptop the case is falling apart and i need to sell it does any know what a very ruff price i can get for it for the specs inside? thanks

Found 12th Jun
samsung np350v5c-a02uk

it has a intel i5 3210m 2.5ghz
6 gig ram
500 gig harddrive.

what should the miniuimin i could get.
it will be a big help thanks.
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You looked for the price for a new case yet?
think it gonna be better for me to sell then buy new one next month
How badly damaged is the case? Got a pic?

Only asking as if it’s repairable then you should still get close to used prices for it. But if it’s in a really bad state, most people would rather pay £250-300 for a new one. I know the spec on the new ones at that price aren’t necessarily as good but people spending that much only want basic things
I sold an i3 of that generation of processors with a faulty screen and I got £100 for it a couple of years ago.
I think the . and , buttons are also knackered
Look at listings on ebay for spares and repairs you may get lucky and get all the parts to fix it.

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thanks very much i might try sell if not i will get a new case thanks
Your more likely to get scammed on eBay than anything else.
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