I have a National Express £5 off travel to London voucher, anyone want it?

    Got sent a "£5 off travel to London this Christmas" voucher from National Express, does anyone want it? It gives a fiver off adult fares over £15 booked and travelled before 30/1108. It cant be used in conjuction with any other offers, it cant be used for airport services and you have to take the completed voucher to a National Express Travel Centre to use it.



    Moved this to misc as it's a "pay postage only" offer

    Original Poster

    okay, thanks juliet.

    Do you still have the voucher, if so do let me know.

    Always useful!

    Original Poster

    yeah still got it.

    Great, Can I use this on national express railways?

    If so, not sure how this works, but do you want to send you my details ie/ Postal Add?


    Original Poster

    sorry, its gone now.
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