I have a sealed Terrys chocolate orange white snowball

Found 18th Jul 2012
its 4 years old but still in the packaging never been opened my question is would it be safe to eat i saved it because i knew they where hard to find and haven't seen them since
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wow you go for it op
should be ok
is it best before date or eat by date? If best before it just means its at its best before that date hope this helps x
Should be ok if it is completely sealed.

Use by / sell by dates are ridiculous.
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4 year old chocolate is going to taste rank I would imagine. Be sure to report back and let us know how it went.
After 4 years must be rare...sell it!
dare you to eat the whole thing

http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/#/tesco-price-comparison/boxed_chocolates/terrys_white_chocolate_snowball_170g.html ?

60p? You should post that as a deal. £2 at Sainsbury's.
Any of the boxes have superfacial damage?
Have you kept the terry's choclate orange below room temperature??.......Otherwise it turns into a big chocoloate cricket ball.;)


Thought this was going to be about a Ferdinand joke
Film yourself eating it and then being sick everywhere
Post to misc for lulz
Become renowned miscer
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It should be ok, I think even a normal choc orange would turn white after 4 years.
Chocolate was apparently found in the Pyramids that was considered still safe to eat.

Any filling may likely be solid or rotten though and the chocolate will probably taste very stale.
Best before = go back for more

Used by = prepare to die!
60p at tesco, wasn't worth saving sorry x
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