Posted 23rd May 2011
So I just went on Experian to check up on my report, I've been applying for quite a few Contracts recently (All passed) so thought I'd check my score.

Now, the very first time I checked (last year) it was around 850, then It went down to 790 a couple of months ago, now today It's 999? o.O

I'm a student and not even 20 yet, though that being said I have a Lloyds Student Credit Card (I buy a little and pay off asap each month) as well as a current account which is never overdrawn, a t-mobile contract, and an O2 Current contract, I also have an O2 18mth contract at 35 per month which was settled a few months ago.

So based on the above, a score of 999 is expected guys? Don't want to seem like a bit of a twit, though I always assumed the more contracts you have, the more you're borrowing which decreases your credit score -.- Not to mention I'm a student and unemployed, most in my situation usually have bad scores so was just curious as to your thoughts guys.

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