I have been a member for two years.

    loupomm has just pointed out that it's my two year anniversary of being a HotUKDeals member today!! Two years since I first saw the site on Google and noticed that I could get a gift for posting a certain amount of deals at the time...

    What a day today it is too, finding out that HotUKDeals is Computer Active's site of the fortnight and the possibility of 30,000 members by the end of the day too... I think we were still on less than 2,000 when I joined. The site's really come a long way since then... high's and lows... a site re-design (believe it or not the site used to be purple) and newspaper after newspaper reporting on us at the end of 2006 along with all of the internet blogs because of the Hamley's ordeal.

    It's all down to Paul really. It was all his mastermind idea, and he should really be proud of what he has acheived. I'd also like to thank the moderators too. I don't remember "1" but I do remember MissPiggy and LoneCrusader and also the brilliant Slinks who I should probably catch-up with one day because she's not too far from me.

    There's all of the current mods too: The Mod Father himself, Rayman, who helped me out when I was just a newbie and kept me on the rails. fordy who's secured us with so many discounts with some great retailers. Edi who's helped out quite a bit with posting the mobile deals I haven't managed to pick up. Millarcat who's always ready to cheer us up with her friendly posts. MikeT and his brilliant Dell deals and, more importantly, his humorus comments about flying kites in the mod area. Finally, there's Emma who's becoming more and more of a best friend to me every day. This site just wouldn't be the same if it were missing any of you!!

    And also there's all of the members here, too numerous to mention, who I can count on to come and provide me with some cheerful banter in the Misc forum and elsewhere on the site, as well as scurrying about posting all of the Hot Deals you can find... there would be no site without you all, and you've all made me giggle like a little girl at some point or another with something you've said.

    Cheers.…gif It's been an amazing two years. I'm really not sure where I'd be without HUKD or where I was before it, so let's hope we'll spend many more happy years together...


    Two years crikey that's a long time.
    *thumbs up* for the duck man.



    all good nice one
    but ive been member longer LOL

    Thanks Ducky for all your hard work too! I remember when I stubled upon this site during one bored afternoon of trying to get as much free stuff sent to me as possible!

    Then I discovered that discount vouchers existed for some of the online stores that I bought from and the rest is history!

    Way to go Duck!
    You are a fine asset to HUKD!! :thumbsup:

    Here's to another 'god knows how many years!?' ;-)

    yor not far behind fordy! next month for you!

    my daughters birthday ro be exact!!!

    i'll remind you on the day!

    so it's all a're not a DUCK but a LITTLE GIRL..good disguise though.

    Yes I wholeheartedly agree with all you say..and if it wasn't for you ducky I'd not have got the best mobile phone deals ever with total cashback and quidco thrown in thanks for all you efforts in that field.

    Awwwww nice post!

    I have only been here a month but I cant imagine not being here. I wouldnt believe I had only joined in January if it didnt say it below my name! Has saved me so much money, got me freebies I didnt know existed, brought me closer to my aunty (through telling her about the site and specific freebies) and got me a lot of new friends. I am sure that, like you, I will be here for many years to come

    Nice one duck, youve helped me out plenty of times finding a good mobile deal (including last weeks LG).

    Its one 1 year for me on HotUKDeals.


    all good nice one but ive been member longer LOL

    You've been remarkably restrained in your number of posts :whistling:
    Congrats Ducky on reaching two years. It'll be my second anniversary this year too:thumbsup:


    You've been remarkably restrained in your number of posts :whistling:

    true i lurked for long parts :giggle: :roll:

    Congratulations ducky and Thanks for the kind words too

    Doesn't seem like two years ago you joined, but just like a duck, they've flown!

    Original Poster

    Yay. Thanks everyone. And to those who mentioned the mobile deals, you're very welcome. I love it. Emma realised last night that I was actually EXCITED about the new CPW offer... just shows what a sad life I lead lol.

    And kelly_o_fanatic, it's slow to begin with but after a couple of months the time really does fly by!

    Congrats ducky :friends:

    Congrats to the Duck.:thumbsup: I can remember when you were an ugly duckling.:giggle:


    I'm going to cry... ]HERE you can see the ste's front page from 14th … I'm going to cry... ]>>HERE you can see the ste's front page from 14th February 2005. The sad thing is, you can't see exactly how it was. "Back in the day" it would have all been purple and orange IIRC. I really do miss that. I wonder if Paul has any screenshots?

    haha i remember that, it was horrible lol :giggle:

    Well done Ducky

    You put a lot of hard work into your mobile deals which obviously has saved lots of people money. I'm sure everyone is very grateful.

    Here's to another 2 years. Yay Ducky! Two years is a long time :-D Thanks for the lovely comments :cry: And getting excited about Carphone Warehouse deals isn't soooo bad.... !

    Congrats, And Thanks For All Your Help And Advice.

    :-D :-D Congrats Ducky....:-D :-D

    Congratulations Ducky. :-D
    You have helped save me a lot of money with your Mobile deals and you have been a great help. :thumbsup:
    Thank You :-D :thumbsup:
    Here's a new avatar for when you are feeling mischievous :giggle: :-

    Nice speechy ducky lol, well done and all that :thumbsup:

    2 years eh ! dont look a day over 50 :whistling: :whistling:


    Congrats ducky :friends:

    We havent seen you on here for a while Edi ......well i havent anyway :? :?
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