I have blyk invites

if anyone wants them
i'm feeling generous



what are they lol - i feel so stupid asking lol :?

You don't need to be invited to use gmail anymore...(not for quite a while now infact)

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Blyk - A mobile network, you get £15.00 credit each month for free just for recieving a few adverts, i hardly get any.

Googlemail, googles email service, you get a huge amount of storage and you can use something like GDrive i think to use it as online storage.

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Oh okay thanks for that ill edit it for just blyk then.

I'd like one please :thumbsup:

Please can i have 1

thank you x

Can i have one. Pretty please!

Can i have one please...

Can i hav 1 plz

Don't hold your breath guys!



Don't hold your breath guys! :pDarkFissureBanned

Damn, i really needed one as well!

I wonder why he got banned!?

Can someone help please? Blyk seems to have removed those music links, so you can't get the blyk sim card without an invite code now...?

hey kud i know where do i actually get a blyk sim card from hit back xxx thank you
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