I have bought an item from ebay. But i was not satisfied with it as the item was not as described?

    I put a dispute to paypal and then escalated a claim which i was then granted a refund. Paypal contacted me saying send the item and then we will give you a refund. I have sent the item off and given the tracking deatils to paypal and the person has received it as i have tracked it through royal mail. But i have still not received the refund. Will paypal have the money to refund me or will the seller refund me at his will? It has been about 5 hours but still no refund. Please let me know what will happen. Thanks

    My mistake people. it had been 5 days but eventually got it. Thanks for all the sarcasm comments. lol.


    5 hours?

    Give it time...


    as above give he the seller a chance!

    [email protected] 5 hours.

    You will get your refund if it's shown as delivered online,don't worry.


    Its users like you that make ebay so bad!! 5 hours and your crying already

    5 hours! lmao most people do have lives you know, i can easily go shopping for 5 hours or more!
    totally useless and pointless thread!


    wow! another person on my 'do not trade with' list

    lol 5 whole hours ..... outrageous!

    I can't believe they haven't refunded you yet. It's been more than 5 hours now for flip sake.

    If I were you I would send another email demanding double the refund amount for making you wait this unacceptable length of time.



    pmsl at this thread

    When you initially decided to return the item did the seller not offer to refund or did you go straight to paypal disputes?

    Can you tell us how the item was not as described i think it may give us a laugh.

    Surely this thread was opened as a joke!!! It's just like, phoning Amazon up to complain because the item you ordered 10 minutes ago hasn't been delivered. Maybe they think it's like ordering a pizza, if it doesn't turn up within 30 minutes you get it free! (_;)


    5 hours? Oh noes! Time to don the full face balaclava and baseball bat!

    Erm....... I'd recommend waiting a few days.
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    Must be over 7 hours now, getting rediculous if he's not refunded yet


    It's about 8 hours 45 mins now, I'd call 999!!!

    What time does his postie come? It must be before 5 in the morning?

    Holy cow, nearly 9 hours! I didn't realise it was that long.... the OP is probably on the motorway right now heading for the poor eBay seller.
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