I have Diabetes

    Just got confirmation from the doctor today that I have Diabetes and been given Metformin for the time being, I know quite a few members here are diabetic so I thought I ask a few questions.

    What age were you when you were diagnosed?
    Are you Type I (insulin) or Type II (tablets)?
    Was it as bad coping as you initially thought?

    Thank you very much!


    i'm not diabetic but my sister is, she is 32, but had gestational diabetes, then it progressed to diabetes, if that makes sense, at first she was on tablets but has now switched to insulin, and gets very moody if she doesn't keep it under control xxx

    Sorry to hear your news Abvance, i have a colleague who has type 1.
    He injects insulin 3 times a day and it doesnt stop him doing anything, apart from being carefull what and when he eats.
    He also has to have a yearly eye test, and every 6 months visit the dentist for a check up.

    not diabetic but on metformin for pcos. Expect a few sideeffects like the runs and stuff to start with. they will wear off after a month or so.
    My son who is 12 failed a diabetes test last month they are now doing test again to confirm.
    did they test twice with you?

    i found out i was a diabetic about 10 years ago when my daughter was three monthst old alls i kept doin was drinkin loads and goin to to the toilet loads and feel tired all the time i was like that for about a month then people kept telling me i had diabeties so went see my doctor then she refered me to the hospital and theytold me i have type 1 which i have to have injections 4 times a day i was a little scared at first but theres nothin 2 it now its just an every day thing now its just a pain cus iam not allowed any chocolate or fatty food but i must admit i do have a treat every now and then cant eat diabetic chocolate cus it gives me dioreah lol:roll: so if any body reads this if you ever end up with type 1 diabeties dont panic its not that bad at all so dont worry :thumbsup:

    My dad is diabetic, he was about 52 when diagnosed, type 2 and he copes well with it.

    Hi there,

    it is quite worrying at first. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago (age 42).
    I'm not overweight, quite the opposite, I went to the doctors because I was loosing weight & generally felt lousy.
    They gave me a blood test, told me a day or so later I was diabetic & started me on Metformin & Gliclazide. They varied the dosages for a while & I thought everything would be ok.
    I started to feel generally a bit better (although the Metformin does play havoc with your stomach).
    I had to keep taking regular blood tests & testing it myself with a finger *****er (that was a pain - literally ;-)

    After about another 6 months or so though the doctor called me back & told me I would have to give up the Gliclazide tablets & start taking regular twice daily injections (I still have the Metformin).

    The worst about this was that I had to inform the DVLA and they put restrictions on my driving licence.

    Other than that, the only real bad thing is having to eat even when you don't feel like it. Stabbing yourself with a needle isn't really that bad once you're used to it. ;-)

    Good luck.

    I've had type 1 Diabetes for over 17 years now (gonna b 20 l8r this year).

    I think the best way to cope is to get into a regular routine but be vary of bad days you may have.

    I feel as if exercise really helps control my blood sugars.

    I agree with the other post indicating that most of it is diet control.

    Also it is vital to make others around you know that you have the condition cos it does help.

    As a new diabetic I think its good to get talking with others who have the same condition as they offer great practicle advice about managing the condition.

    Finally I feel it is important that you're vary of the long term complications accoiated with the condition, but should not be frightened by them as they are very rare.

    Sorry for the essay, hope that helps!

    Hi I had diabetes through my last two pregnancies. I injected myself with insulin 3 times a day. There was nothing to it, just kept an eye on my sugar levels, carried glucose tablets in my bag in case my sugar levels dropped too low before meals and ate something small every two hours to try and keep a constant level. Avoided all sugar and sweet foods, would be very careful about meals...

    I found that porridge, apples, crackers, baked potatoes, low sugar/low salt beans, cheese, eggs, coffee, brown rice, grilled chicken breast, oily fish such as salmon, were all pretty "safe" foods.

    Your taste buds alter and you get used to making healthy food choices.

    For me, after birth, I no longer had diabetes, it was the prssure of carrying a baby on my body.

    I have a friend who has type 2 I think. He doesnt inject. He does not manage it very well. Have to eat regularly to maintain correct blood sugar levels. He is slapdash and often is quite poorly as a result. So need to look after yourself now. Dont skip meals. A good idea is to always carry a snack with you in case a meal time is delayed

    good advice here


    not diabetic but on metformin for pcos. Expect a few sideeffects like the … not diabetic but on metformin for pcos. Expect a few sideeffects like the runs and stuff to start with. they will wear off after a month or so.My son who is 12 failed a diabetes test last month they are now doing test again to confirm.did they test twice with you?

    im on metformin for the same pcos although ive been on them for a few years , ive noticed if you miss even 1 tablet you can get the first time symptoms back , so try and make sure you take them regularly as the first time symptoms are not nice for me xx
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