I have got a Vauxhall Omega, 3.0 Auto, Elite, X Reg, what car should I change for

    I really need a car the same size to easily accommodate 5 people around £1500, the car I got now has got

    Sat nav
    Memory seats,mirrors
    Cruise Control
    Bose Stereo
    Rear Electric Sun Blind
    Cd Changer
    Xenon Headlights
    Cream Leather seats
    Heated Seats
    Dual Climate Control
    Sport Button
    Traction Control
    Traffic Master

    As you can see the car wasnt skimping on the extras, but this car average price on auto trader is selling for £1200. So really not looking to spend much more, Any Ideas please?


    If you currently have a car that meets all your needs why change it?

    maybe cos its a petrol guzzler ?


    For £1500 you just want one that value is the mondeo, you'll get an 02 plate for that if you watch Auto trader and pounce when a newly listed bargain appears.

    your optimistic at £1200 , id say £700 if your lucky


    are there any types of Mondeo that should be avoided?

    Only the ones made by Ford:whistling:

    Watch out for ex fleet cars, not too bad if they have only had one company driver as they usually have mainly motorway miles on and are generally looked after better when the driver is driving it every day, the ones to be wary of are pool cars, usually given away by signs of general neglect, probably been thrashed too.

    I just sold a PUG 607 SE 3.0 V6 fully loaded for £2k on a Y plate with 56,000 miles, shop around and you can get a lovely exec car with all the toys for not alot of dosh!

    Just popped in to say get a Toyota, sorry can`t stop.

    This is a difficult one, problem is you want the toys as well!! Perhaps an older BMW 3 Series?

    Peugeots seem to have good specs as do some of the older shitroens, how about a Renault Scenic?


    Steer clear of Renaults they have all the toys, but they are prone to dodgy dash electronics.


    yes thats what i said, in Auto Trader they are selling for around … yes thats what i said, in Auto Trader they are selling for around £1200mine has only done 80,000 miles and is in great condition

    That is what they are being listed at on Auto Trader, not what they are selling for.

    A realistic price would be nearer £500 / £700.


    hmm no, i cant believe cars sell for 50% less than advertised, i have … hmm no, i cant believe cars sell for 50% less than advertised, i have seen these cars in garages for nearer £1600 to £2000

    Sadly cars like yours do, not much of a market for them.

    Forget Dealer Prices, they include allowances for part exchange, warranty repairs and a profit margin, none of these apply to private sales.

    If you want to find the real value of your car, put it in a motor auction, you would be very lucky to get £400 for it.
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