I have just completed Uncharted 2, and i do not think any other game will eever come this close to near perfection!

One of the best games i have every played, a truely beautyful game.

I have never been a playstation man but i am glad i brought a Ps3 just for this experience!

Sadly nothing may ever compare to this feeling ever again.

( end boss was abit easy tho, only gripe! )

Do you think i would enjoy number 1 ? or what it be a step to far back?


yay on finishing game

Uncharted 1 is definately worth playing if you get a chance!

Yeah it's an amazing game. The graphics are just out of this world, i must have spent half the time just stopping and looking around.
If you think the boss was easy, then try playing on a harder difficulty

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It was great, its why i have been playing video games since the late 80's its amazing how things how come on.,

Uncharted 2 was breath taking in places,

I will be going back to it thats for sure.

I am now torn between getting my teeth into,

Forza 3
Resistance Fall of man
Bioshock 2
or Yakuza 3 when it arrives.

Sadly like many of you if you are reading this i have brought so many games through this site and just dont have the time to play them that they deserve!

I really want Hard Rain!


you mean heavy rain, thats good but its like a movie, also uncharted 2 was too good

Uncharted 1 is superb, ill guarantee you will love it!

getting platinum trophy on both of these games was a joy, loved every minute, I enjoyed them more on crushing difficulty made the experience last longer:thumbsup:

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Yeah sorry that what i meant!

Scrub, resistance fall of man from the list i cant play this its primative! Like a single celled swamp creature compared to what ive just been playing!
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