I have just rec'd a scam call

    I have just rec'd a phone call from someone with a very strong Indian accent claiming they were from microsoft, saying i had malicious software on my computer and that my computer was running slowly, coincidently it had been, so i listened to him for a bit, and kinda thought it was a scam, so I hung up, he rang up a couple of minutes later,( in the time i found the article i have posted the link to) I told him the laptop was not in the house, and could i take his name and number He was called michael brown and the phone number he gave me was 2033189416 and he was callin from london apparently.…ase


    Can you please not publish my phone number on a public forum!

    yeah common scam at the mo

    we had one of these this morning (had them for the last 4 months)

    he went when hubbie told him ,he is a pc technician:thumbsup:

    So who's going to ring them up for a prank call and upload it to facebook:-D

    Maybe the answer is to play them along. Tell the caller that you work for Microsoft yourself and ask them what department they are working for. Could be fun....

    LOL! Like it.
    I had a call from "Christain Bale" offering me a loan. I offered him some advice on the next batman.


    LOL! Like it.I had a call from "Christain Bale" offering me a loan. I … LOL! Like it.I had a call from "Christain Bale" offering me a loan. I offered him some advice on the next batman.

    lol :thumbsup:

    Must be targeting the uk I had one yesterday as well same name same mo kept him on for nearly 15 mins before he realised I was winding him up by just tapping in my keyboard.
    It's good sport, what with the credit card ladies and the miss sold insurance I've kept them wasting their time for nearly an hour and a half just this week.:-D


    And? whatsthepoint?

    I got called by a wrong number this morning. Should I post a thread about the experience?




    LOL - soz, didnt mean you :-D

    After reading this thread, I know that people can pretend to be microsoft too now. I would never give my details out or go to any emailed website... but people phoning to ask you to go to a website? Crazy... never knew that happened! Learnt something new Csiman and got the OP to thank for that.

    Can see your point about "why post" but knowing about this new method might help someone prevent the worst from happening.

    not one call to my land line has ever been someone selling me something.
    lucky or perhaps they just dont know or care about my number.
    or perhaps preference service does its job.
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