I have just received a large order from Claires and now the items are more than half the price! Any thing I can do about it please? Should I reorder and take back previous items?



    I would take the other items back to store if you can and re order, only if there is a big difference!!


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    About £15.00 on each item!

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    Thanks for your help. Sorry to sound dum but will they not notice that I have reordered them?

    That's why you take them back to a store

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    I understand that but I have to take my invoice and I paid on my credit card.

    Well I personally have done this recently I would phone the customer services and explain these items are on sale now just ask can u b refunded the sale price difference
    good customer service will almost always refund u
    if not just return to store and 're purchase and so what if the see u have rebought items we all do this at this time of year. u can't afford not to

    I'd take them back to the store explain that they are now cheaper and would like to refund - they may just give you the difference back to save on the hassle of it all

    Yep, take them into store, do it at the beginning of the day when they are quiet still. Ask for the store manager or supervisor.

    do you mean less than half the price?


    Return them under the distance selling regulations, you may have to pay the cost of return! However I'd ring them first and tell them why your returning them, and maybe they'll see common sense and offer a partial refund

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    do you mean less than half the price?

    lol yes!

    I would definitely reorder & return the other items.

    If you have any earrings don't think they will take them back, certain items can only be returned if faulty.
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