I have limited knowledge on all this smart stuff so need a few questions answering. Please share your knowledge.

Found 23rd Dec 2017
Heya hukdealers.

I've had Hive heating for a while now and my partner has just gifted me with an echo dot. Very impressed with it controlling my Hive via voice and I now want to gradually fit out my home with smart voice controlled tech.
Please bear in mind I have 3 kids so I'm not rich but I save well.

I'll start with bulbs and plugs/hubs.

I understand that I need a hub to control the bulbs and (I think) sockets as well. I've read many comments on here that Phillips hue reign supreme as regard smart lighting so i would prefer them to hive bulbs (probably more so because Bgas has had enough of my cash and I cringe at giving them money). Will my Hive hub be able to (or can I make it) control different brands of bulbs ie Phillips hue, and or plugs?

Ideally I don't want loads of hubs so if the hive hub can't be persuaded to control other brands is there a 3rd party hub that will control multiple brands that has a good reputation and is reliable and is also recognised by echo too?

On the back of using a 3rd party hub will my Hive still work without the hive hub connected if used via a 3rd party hub?

Smart plugs are bulky and will be an easy target for my kids. Anybody think integrated wall sockets will arrive any time soon or are they already available?

Thanks for any help you can give me 😁
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No mate, but if you get the Philips hue starter kit you get 3x v3 bulbs and the hue bridge for connection
I myself just set up similar thing you are looking for. I will try my best to answer your questions by using my limited knowledge.

1.Philip hue is for lighting only and you can use another brand bulbs, ie IKEA to save money, I am using hue to control my Ikea bulbs at the moment. But some light bulbs do not need any hub, you can control directly from Alexa.

2. For my understand Hive hub can only control Hive product.

3. For my understand, as the smart home technology is still in it early stage. Hence so many brands and hubs. I am afraid, we will have to wait.

4. I don’t think you can replace the Hive hub as you are using Hive thermostat. The thermostat needs the hub to achieve remote and voice control functions.

5. I also found smart plug bulky and ugly. There is a product called Sonoff, I am using it to control my TV and HI FI sockets via Alexa. It needs some simple wiring work, YouTube has loads of videos about it.

Hope it helps. I maybe wrong, but try my best to answer with my limited knowledge.
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