I have lost my SeaGate Bounceback express disc!!

    Hi all,

    I got a software called bounceback express with my Seagate hard drive and really needed it.

    Does anyone have a copy they can send to me?Or possibly guide me to a link of where I can get it? Thanks alot


    Original Poster

    It is a demo

    Are you not able to download it for free?
    Ive lost countless software discs for various different things and have 99% of the time managed to download the software.
    I generally type the required software into google and then see what sort of sites come up.
    If the site matches that that was on the disc i will download if not could be dodgy.

    30 day trial version ]here

    cannot diskwizard do the same stuff?, you can download that from seagates website!
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