I have £150 high street vouchers but I need Amazon Gift card

Posted 9th Nov 2022
Through my employer's recognition scheme I have £150 in 'credit' that I can exchange for Gift Card/Digital Gift Cards from the following retailers in denominations of £50 but the item I want to buy is availabel cheapest at Amazon with a saving bigger than £150 (Philips Lumea IPL Prestige)
John Lewis

Anyway mechanism to exchange them fro Amazon, at face value
Do Asda, Tesco etc sell Amazon gift cards in store and can tehy be bought with a gift card?
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    Yes at Sainsbury's, I have done this earlier
    ah ok, thanks.
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    Asda or Sainsbury's. From personal experience Asda works, pick up the Amazon vouchers, go to self scan and use the Asda gift card to pay. Think there's a £125 limit or something so just get £100 Amazon gift card then a separate £50 transaction.
    yes, Asda is local to me. I may speak to staff first to ensure there are no porblems. I know some retailers are a bit funny around gift cards and if they are issued by the retailer themselves or a 3rd party, which in this case it is.
    They can differentiate between those cards and have different T&Cs
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    Similar problem.. Does anyone know if I can buy a gift card for another retailer I e. Amazon or Sainsbury's etc using a £100 love2shop voucher. Their website says most retailers like Wikko won't do it.
    I did a few times buying Amazon gift card at Wilko using Love2Shop gift card with no issues. This was however before the pandemic when Topcashback used to give large bonuses if redeeming cashback as Love2shop gift cards.
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    Try wilko
    they don't appear on the list of gift card retailers. Even if I chose Love2Shop, the Wilko T&Cs state no gift cards (& National Lottery etc) can be purchased with them (edited)
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    Our Sainsbury's stopped selling Amazon vouchers when Argos was purchased.

    I don't know if they vary across the country. (edited)
    just checked their website and it looks like they don't do any 3rd party gift cards (at least online they don't)
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    At Argos, you cant use one gift card to buy another.
    The till allows paying for 3rd party gift cards using Argos gift cards. I used to buy loads of TK-Maxx and Next Gift cards in the past. However after Sainsburys takeover of Argos, there are strict instructions from Head Office to say no to customers. I tried it with a junior staff few weeks back and she was happy doing it when another jobsworth colleague came to interrupt. Luckily the manager agreed to go ahead as one-off.
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    just an update... finally recived my Asda vouchers yesterday... took ages to arrive.
    With some trepidation I used the self-service till to purchase £150 Amazon vouchers with ease. Did it in 2 separate transactions. Thank everybody for their help.
    FYI I was at Tesco later and they had a note on their self-scan tills (the one where you use a gun) that you couldn't pay (or was it can't purchase ) gift cards at those till.
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