I have the free AOL talk (how do I make cheap international phone calls)

Found 11th Oct 2008
Hi, I have the free AOL talk with my internet (ie free phone calls to 01,02,03 (UK geographical locations) day & evening.

Someone is the family is going to Spain (Ibiza) how can I call them cheap, I don't want to change to a more expensive AOL talk package with free international calls, as it's only for 1 week.

When I previously used to pay for my phone calls from BT, when someone was abroad. I used one of those dial numbers (you find on the Martin Lewis website) so you ring the long number first and then the international number you want to call and the phone call costs about 1p per minute.

Can you still do that with AOL Talk?

Thanks for all you help and advise
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[COLOR="Magenta"]im not to sure if this is what your asking but if you put in 1280 that over rides aol talk and transfers your calls to bt so that could work [/COLOR]
Are you talking about [url]www.1899.com[/url]

Are you talking about [url]www.1899.com[/url]

Hi, I mean these kind of numbers from the moneysavingexpert (international call checker). I think you call them: Simply Dial Providers. You access the service via a special type of phone number which can be dialled from any phone. This access number is at a fixed tariff and billed via your home phone company, that's then all you pay.The override company then gets a cut of your phone provider's call revenue. I.E these numbers below, you don't need to set up an account you just call the number, and when I just BT all the time, they cost about 0.5p a min.

Operator Landline
Dialwise 0.5p/min
(0844 200 1515)
PhoneCheap 0.5p/min
(0844 200 9898)

What I don't really understand is if I override the AOL Talk, to take me back to BT via 1280 (is that for one call only, I won't be back to BT forever by pressing 1280)

And it says on martin lewis website, if you call the number the 0844 number for Dialwise for example it will cost 0.5p a minute to talk to Spain (it says with that provider there is no connection fee) but I thought BT charged about 2p per min for 0844 numbers.

So I am abit of a notive, sorry for all the questions, but in the past while I was on BT I found these override 0844 international call numbers very useful, as you just call the 0844 number and when it says so call the international number you want to call. And it was very cheap on my BT phone bill.

Thanks again
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