I have to get a secret Santa and the theme is "something related to a Christmas film"... £5 budget help!!

Found 28th Nov 2017
I thought this would be easy but all I can think of so far is a t-shirt with the slogan "merry Christmas you filthy animal" so home alone.

I wanted to make it a bit more un obvious. Anyone any suggestions ?

Was also considering buying a toy squirrel... as in Christmas vacation film!

Want something fun or quirky
Gimme ideas please and thanks
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A stained white vest.

Bad Santa
Forgot to add... it's a lucky dip so we aren't buying for anyone in mind. A guy or girl could get the gift... although it's mostly women in the office!
catbeans14 m ago

A stained white vest.

A Die Hard movie fan
A set of handcuffs..open (to represent escape), and a baseball! It's on every year

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Ebay item 222706128546?
Or 301761974955?
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Gremlins is a good idea! Ta chuckiedoll
get them die hard!
I guess a White pointy hat to signify a White Christmas is out. Probably one for the grannies of a certain generation. (Not saying it’s right either)

A more serious suggestion would be the Blue Planet DVD/Blu-ray. Dickie’s, Chris Kringle, brother is the tenuous link.
Two more films to consider are Batman Returns and Lethal Weapon.
Two lumps of coal, a scarf and a dried up tangerine.
Bonus points for a dead dog.
Bag of peanuts. First Charlie Brown was a Christmas one.
Does it have to be a christmas themed film or a film thats always on at christmas?.

What about the grinch?

And something like this:
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A box of raw meat

Some of these ideas sound so pleasant and inviting lolol
winter themed dvd such as New in Town
An Elf mug with candy canes in
Christmas film soundtrack CD such as the Love Actually soundtrack
A generic mixed Christmas film soundtrack compliation
Selection of hot chocolate sachets, a scene from Polar Express.
A bell - "every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings" from It's a Wonderful Life
Thanks everyone
A Mogwai? Just don't get it wet
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