I have to shout to get my Amazon echo to respond sometimes

Found 20th Jun
I have two and the first generation one is decent, but I recently bought the second gen and I swear sometimes nothing is playing and it doesn't repsond to me
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Perhaps it's moody
Perhaps it's moody
I told mine the other day it was a jumped up toaster and it told me that I was being mean.

Personally, I thought I was being quite restrained.
psychobitchfromhell37 m ago

Perhaps it's moody


The clue is in the name

Agreed Kye412, mine is behaving like the missus who is having her personal summer part of life. Perhaps that's how Alexa feels.
You think that’s bad. Imagine how I feel trying to talk to Siri with me being a scouser. The only way I can explain it is when you go abroad and the waiter doesn’t speak much English so you find yourself speaking extra slow in broken English.
Abusive relationship I see
i have the same issues when less than meter away, sometimes the one in the other room picks it up but the one next to it, doesn't
Sounds just like my wife, she cocks a deaf one when I speak.
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