I have tried so many things but i need help hope someone can help with my mmc memory card prob?

    Hello to all

    My problem is i got a Nokia 7610 off a customer years ago and it was dieing for a long time but now its dead. im not to bothered with that what i am bothered about is the fact that my memory card will not work in another phone tried an 6230,6320i and a couple older phones it has a password on the memory card and i don't no what it is. I have tried to use a computer to see if it would work but no and i have tried to fix the phone but i think its just to old. i Just want me pics off it so i don't want to loss the content

    that's my dilemma i just need someone that knows and tricks or knows of a program that i can use as all the programs i have found are for symbian or e series.

    i am grateful for any help and obviously i will add rep for anyone that helps


    someone posted ]this a while back, might be of some help :thumbsup:

    just re-reading your post and you say its passworded, so that might not get around the password, i know you might not want to do this but you could try reformatting the memory card then using the programme to recover the pictures.

    Original Poster

    cheers guys i will check that post in a sec. thanks

    i was kind thinking that some would no of a program that works well but i will look for some again in the meantime

    also formatting then restoring might be a good idea actually i never thought of that i just need to ake shore i can retrieve it and i might give it a go

    cheers guys

    If you want to get rid of that ol 7610 lmk lol, I used to love em whith the wacky keys


    PS Formatting on a PC through a card reader somtimes differs from formatting in the phone, even with new models etc....

    Original Poster

    i formatted and tried to use a program and it cant find anything S**t

    Original Poster

    anyone no of a program that might work i have tried a couple of them ?
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