i have won a amazon voucher

i would like to take this oppurtunity to state i have no idea how i got these matches, having read the long details on how to get an amazon voucher- i clicked the X as i got too confused about how to match a deal. Now i have got 3 matches, no idea. litterly no idea how i got them. bad thing is i dont use amazon as they want a copy of my bank statement to prove who i am or something. hmm


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if you don't want your code I can use it? :-)


Right? So what is the main focus of this thread? I'm a bit confused, are you looking to give it away or asking how you might of received them. Well if its the 1st part then give it to SunTzu and if its the second part, I can tell you that its just totally random. When you click on threads and go about your daily business, one of em will give you a match.


I'm a bit confused

Not as confused as the poster. :-D

Please continue in this voucher thread started this evening.

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