I just ate some 5 year old honey and I didn't die...

    Amazing stuff. Anyone else ate anything older?!!


    Honey apparently never goes off. If the sugar crystallises out just microwave to melt it.

    Anything else with a "best before" date should be safe to eat but avoid anything past a "use buy" date

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    Honey the only natural food that lasts forever

    Thanks for the biology lesson!

    I think a cannibal is going to win this one.

    Moisture is honey's worst enemy. If kept sealed, honey can last forever. In fact, honey has been found in Egyptian pyramids still edible. If the honey is crystallized, it can be revived by warming the jar in water heated to about 140 degrees.

    So 5 years is nothing.

    Also it has natural antiseptic qualities which stops the mould.


    well ive eaten some pussy that was about 35 years old

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