Found 22nd Nov 2008

I just dropped my N95 and the screen broke Boo hoo hoo. Haven't had this happen to me for ages, so annoying!

Can I get this fixed at all?

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independent phone shops, im guessing you will have to pay about 30-50£ tho.

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But it's possible. Thats good. Thanks. You can have some rep for that helpful comment, one of your better ones :-P

if u wanna sell the phone give me a shout i think it will cost too much to get it repaired,take it to a local phone shop and get urself a quote,
i take it your not insured

check ebay for a screen, you might find someone on here who could replace it for free or cheap

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If it's £30-50 ... I'll probably just pay to get it fixed. Quite a few months yet before my upgrade.

Will have a looky at eBay mind you.

Screen is easy to replace, get one off of flea bay for about £15 and i think you need a T6 torx screwdriver

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I hope it's a T5. I've just read it is, and I've just bought one! lol.

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Anyone found a cheap one on eBay?

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£16 from Hong Kong
£18 from Manchester - might go with this one. Quicker delivery hopefully!

hi, m8.
You can change the screen by urself... trust me its well easy and you will save some money.
All you need to do is get a new screen of ebay bout 20 quid and make sure uve got Torx 6.
Then when ull receive the screen unscrew 4 screw on the back of ur casing (the thiner 1, not the 1 where the battery is). when done that take of the fascia n the screen probs will b bit lose. Take the ribon out of the connector put the new one. b4 ur will put it bk together make sure it works so just try to turn it on. if it will turn on the put it bk together. n ur done hope this helps :):thinking:

I opened up my N95 a couple of weeks ago, it's easy (refer to the post above) I can't remember which screwdriver it is, but I have T5,6 and 7 so it's one of those.

Luckily for you it's only the screen, mines water damaged and I'm uninsured so I've lost out big time!

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I did the research, and bought a T5. I've got 2 screws out, but the other 2 won't budge! The 2 are at the same end, dunno if to invest in a T6 too ...

told ya its T6 i was changin screen in mine like 2 months ago coz it went all black without any reason.... didnt crash it or anythin but ive heard thats the common fault in n95's
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