I just completed Fallout 3 what a game!

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Found 3rd Apr 2011
Had this on my shelf gathering dust for the best part of a year, So about three weeks ago i finally got round to playing it.

I loved Oblivion but i am sure I had clocked up nearly 80hrs on that game, Fallout 3 was over in 42hrs which make me think i should have gone easy on the main quest at the start to make the experience last longer.

Right sorry about the waffle I have the

The Pitt
Op Anchorage
Broken steel &
Point look out

I was just wondering which is the best one and is there any order, to play them in? I am hoping i get to keep my character!


Dont know, only play call of duty... :-(

Broken steel ups the maximum character level to 30 and allows you to keep roaming.

I've not finished the main quest as concentrating on DLC to make it last as long as I can :-)

Only one on that list I played is Operation Anchorage - i loved it.

Mothership Zeta is also good if you can get it?

My fav things about the DLC I've played so far is that its so different from the main game.

I've played New Vegas, is Fallout 3 still worth playing?

I haven't played much of New Vegas, but from what I have done, I thought Fallout 3 was the better game

Yeah Fallout 3 is awesome, clocked it with 87 hours playtime lol



I've played New Vegas, is Fallout 3 still worth playing?

Fallout 3 is much better.


I loved Fallout Three too - one of my favourite games, though I was a bit heavy on the main mission and completed it quicker than I would have liked. Loved it though

Fallout Three is a disappointment - its slow/sluggish, feels rushed, and the story just sort of disintegrates to the point I completely lost track of whats going on. Its alright until you actually reach New Vegas, but I was v disappointed with it compared to Fallout Three.


Dont know, only play call of duty... :-(

Don't comment then.

Broken steel is good and carries on staright after the end of the original game. THink it comes with point look out to iof you get the disc, which also good but harder with though enemies, so do broken steel first so you've leveled up a load.

Point Lookout was great, often pop back for a visit

Great, I'll give it a go sometime; it's only about £4 on cex isn't it! In fact, I might post a thread offering to swap my new vegas for fallout 3 goty as i'm finished with it anyway. Thanks for the advice guys.

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