I just got my Kshocolat freebie, anyone get theirs yet?

    I got the strawberry flavour what did you get?


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    I got Chilli Almonds.... I hate nuts

    eeeew i don't like the sound of those!!

    Dark almonds, glad they weren't the chilli ones. Must eat them quickly, mine expire end of this month.

    Mini orangettes......

    Mini Orangettes

    noticed that too expiry date 11/08. no worries though, the OH loves choc, i expect it will all go by noon.

    strawberry flavour, gonna hide them till later, after teenagers birthday party, I'll need the choccy hit by then!

    i got chilli almonds
    gave to my mum who had to go drink LOTS of water lol.
    dont fancy trying them. gave em to dad , hell eat anythin.


    strawberry flavour - yum yum:thumbsup:

    I got Chilli Almonds. Expire at the end of the month, and to be honest. They are awful.

    Same as Kippy, lemon & pepper, same expiry date.

    I doubt if my daughters would even try it. :w00t:

    All the more for me, but I think I might not want all of it.

    I certainly wouldn't choose it in a shop. :-D

    i got chilli almonds to smothered in chocolate....think i will give these to older son....he eats anything


    I've got Chilli Almonds!

    I can't decide who to give them to!

    I might look out for someone homeless this afternoon :roll:

    i got chilli almonds .....

    Sounds like they had to get rid of stock that was about to expire........and surprisingly....... it sounds like it's mainly all about the chilli almonds. :giggle:


    I've got Chilli Almonds!I can't decide who to give them to!I might look … I've got Chilli Almonds!I can't decide who to give them to!I might look out for someone homeless this afternoon :roll:

    Oh, don't do that.
    You don't want to make them bumless as well. :w00t:



    Oh, don't do that.You don't want to make them bumless as well. :w00t:

    Rep to you for making me chuckle :-D

    I got Chilli almonds 2 booooooo.

    we've had the choc. verdict ... at first looked (and smelt) like it could well be one of those weird soap bars LOL.

    lemon pepper indeed.

    i wonder what you guys thought of your flavours.

    strawberry flavour for me.

    I got the strwaberry ones - delicous

    Lemon Pepper white chocolate - WTF! :w00t:

    Hi i recieved chilli almonds. they were fantastic. I will definately buy more.


    i got strawberry


    i got strawberry

    yeah same here too got strawberry tasty

    I got the chilli almond which have to be eaten by 10/08, fed them to my wee bro.

    Just got my chili almonds. I love nuts and hot chili.

    These certainly dont beat about the bush.....quite fiery!
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