I just got out of Bed to show

Had to show you all this,
Mrs saxo just walked in with a Hamper she one at a quiz night:

the picture is decieving, there is loads of tins of stuff, riced pudding, jam, tea bags, tomato ketchup, soup, xmas pudding, coffee etc etc etc


We NEVER win stuff !!...... dam should have entered the lottery now lol



Nice one and congrats. :-D
Will you ask Mrs Saxo what next weeks Lotto numbers will be please, I'll give you a few quid. LOL :thumbsup:

Congratulations Mr and Mrs saxo_appeal ;-)

Nice one! But what are you doing in bed at 1am on Saturday hehe Not that I"m one to talk being in front of my computer....

Oh dear God, it must have taken your hours to create that artistic masterpiece That Christmas pudding is glaring right at me - cripes - 6:52am. I only just got home so don't expect me to be awake for several hours.

:giggle: well done, although im not fancying that lentil soup or xmas pudding, yuck lol

Well done! Postd me the can of tomato soup please - my favourite! Yummo

EDIT - on second looks, I'd rather have the vodka :oops: :roll: (or as it's pronounced in Belfast, fad-key)

nice one..but where's the Dundee cake??


nice one..but where's the Dundee cake??

In Dundee :giggle:

I must admit, I like Dundee cake too

Nice one Mrs Saxo,to celebrate pass the Cadbury Hereos around:friends:

mmmmmmmm lentil soup! *drools*
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