I just had a phone call

    And all they said was goodbye.

    I thought it was a pleasant enough call even if it was a tad short.

    Hope they call back tomorrow.


    Could be someone has hired a hitman to see you off.

    They may be backward, so expect "Hello" tomorrow.


    you need to put your affairs in order now.....


    you need to put your [SIZE=4][COLOR=red]affairs[/COLOR][/SIZE] in order … you need to put your [SIZE=4][COLOR=red]affairs[/COLOR][/SIZE] in order now.....

    Affairs? No wonder he's got this call then.

    congratz on your imminent death

    Yeah - i'd go carefully!!! lol

    just wondered if you have just bought some new windows or something.

    They MIGHT have said 'Good buy!'

    [SIZE=1]Er. Praps I'm being silly now.[/SIZE]

    yep, i agree with the hitman theory............or it could be one of them companies that call your number and as soon as you answer they charge you 50p for answering!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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