I just nearly fell off my chair!


    why bother, those English and the sons of the English and the sons of the sons of the English should pay for lazing about surely.

    There are plenty of job adverts for workers from Europe though, especially for Glasgow, I've seen them myself.
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    bit early for the special brew op

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    [quote]bit early for the special brew op/[quote]

    Well stop it then. oO
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    Yet Jimmy 'Sturgeon' Krankie is gonna try, and fail, to ram another referendum down our gullets before she'll do her actual job and get her house in order.

    Her own constituency of Govan is an absolute shambles. Driving through it reminds me of Possilpark back in the 80's.


    Well stop it then. oO

    unfortunately i cant remove your posting privileges..
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    Sid, you reckon it gets worse or better post Brexit? Should improve right? Eg less competition?
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