I just splashed out!

    I'm not one to splash out on expensive things, but I just could NOT resist this beauty.…jpg

    Developed by the boffins from the labs at Polo Flair in Nevada, the Holo-Screen is set to revolutionise home and office computing. The unit plugs straight into a USB port - just set the slim-line transmission unit on your desktop in place of your huge clunky normal screen, and sit back in disbelief.

    It projects a 16 million colour RGB linear light stream onto a wafer-thin field of vibrating dust particles that are naturally occurring in the air. Light refracting from these free-radical particles creates a two-dimensional hologram of your computer screen. It's so 'out there' science fiction, you can almost hear Jean Luc Picard murmuring "Make it so" in the background.

    You can even adjust the transparency of the screen. Set it to solid view, or reduce the transparency and see what's going on on the other side of the screen! It does this by utilising random atmospheric analytic software that scans the invisible micro dust field, and altering the density of activated dust particles. Not only does it massively reduce eye-strain and classic beta-ray fatigue, but the footprint of the unit is so small that you'll have a virtually clear desk!

    As with any emerging technology, there are drawbacks, however. Light breezes will cause a slight rippling effect across the virtual surface which can be a bit disconcerting. The software does compensate for this by re-booting the projection field and re-stabilising the activity zone, but it can take a couple of seconds for it to take effect.

    Traditional computer screens are now a thing of the past, and HDS is the new kid on the block. If this remarkable invention seems beyond the realms of belief, then we're not in the slightest bit surprised.


    USB 1.1 and 2.0.
    Plug 'n Play.
    16 million colour RGB Linear Light Stream.
    Projection field Re-stabilising.
    Full Transparency Control.
    Gamut fringing statistical bioptics.
    Compatible with all PCs and Macs running Z-co Graphics Interfaces.
    Eye-strain negative.
    Small footprint.
    Suitable for home freezing.

    Just £599 from IWOOT -…FF3
    Wowser, I can't wait for it to arrive *


    LOL that email was brilliant this morning :-D

    is this for real???


    is this for real???

    YES! You can add to basket and everything!

    i clicked 'add to cart' lol.

    Just a little early :P

    doh!! lol. bit early tho

    Sorry from the title I thought this was a rude thread, then I realised it's a date specific post :thumbsup:

    bloomin heck !! wow £599 tho what a price
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