I just thought of a great deal!

    Receive much much karma by buying into Pakistan's flood relief. You can send the money to Oxfam and in return within the blink of an eye, you will feel really wonderful and happy....that you helped others poorer and a lot worse of than you.
    This is the deal of a lifetime. It will provide much more happiness and this happiness will last a lot longer than any other product you can buy on here. Much much better than any motivational cd/dvd you can buy.

    Forgive me if a deal like this has been posted already. If so, hopefully you have already availed yourself of this fantastic offer.
    If not, hurry before more people get sick and make you feel even worse for not helping!


    If the UK ever gets flooded, I can't wait to see the aid we get off all the other countries .. .. . . .

    I didn't think charity posts were allowed
    And do you think we haven't seen this on the news?

    Original Poster

    It was mean't as a **** take of American adverrt, but with a good message. Sheesh.

    Oh sorry. I missed my mind reading lesson this week so I'm not quite up to speed.

    lol no way why shoul we aways bale out ever one else
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