I keep getting this banner popup http://serve.bannersdontwork.com/serve?size=800x600&ch=shopping&referer=tesco.com&m=false

Found 15th Apr 2013
I keep getting this banner popup "serve.bannersdontwork.com/serve?size=800x600&ch=shopping&referer=tesco.com&m=false"

Not just for tesco.com but loads of different sites. Anyone have any idea how I can stop this please?



I had a pop-up just now saying:

'Fit Girls want you, from your area!'

I thought "Wow!" but then, on second thoughts...

**** that, I live in Scotland.

Have a look in the Control Panel / install, uninstall programs.

Scan your computer with malwarebytes

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Installation failed. The extension is broken.

What browser are you using?

50p says it's Interent Exploder?

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What browser are you using?50p says it's Interent Exploder?

Opera X)

Demand your 50p


Opera X)

Install MBAM and then run Malwarebytes Chameleon from tools folder.

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Thanks for the help: installed and ran MBAM it found 3 threats which were removed. Also updated Opera and installed AdBlock OK. Which is handy as my AdMuncher licence had just expired.

Was running Advanced System Care 6 Pro but malware part was deactivated?

All seems fine now, once again thanks for the help.

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Demand your 50p

Think I will when I get the details, will send a First class self addressed envelope by First class post
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