i know it has been said before but...

WHY OH WHY.. is Hot uk deals, associated with bitter wallet!!! That website is tribe.

I honestly feel them idiots on there cheapen this website!



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i just don't see a real point in it, its just opinionated *****, we have the misc section on here for that


i know it has been said before but...


I don't think it has...


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lol well... just agreein

"That website is tribe"

What tribe?



I don't think it has...]Serious

sarcasm = The lowest form of wit.

get out more, mind the prisoner.


sarcasm = The lowest form of wit.get out more, mind the prisoners

it's alright, every single one of them are our bruceys thread, minus this one.

He doesn't get a say.


"That website is tribe"What tribe?Injuns?!?!?


Just to let you know, N3, the service provider for NHS has blocked Bitter Wallet on Their firewalls as spam: newsgroups and forums.
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